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Do you want your shoots to be greener?

Want you shoot to have a smaller carbon footprint? I have been updating my older arri tungsten lights over the last couple of years and replacing with new more energy efficient LED lighting.
This week I have taken delivery of some great new lights made by Aputure from Ben at Proav. I now have the LS 300D, the LS 120D and a set of 3 KS mini 20 lights. They are all really well built and dare I say it I may have found a replacement for my trusty Dedo kit with the KS minis!
I have some great accessories to go with these lights such as octodomes from 60-150cm, a spacelight softbox , fresnel lenses, reflectors with grids and beauty dishes to name a few. All these accessories fit both the LS300 and LS120. I also have Dedolight Tecpro LED panels so can now light most situations using only LED light. Time to go and plant some trees!

Aputure LS300D LS120D


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