syrp genie and magic carpet sliders Toggle

As a cameraman I’m prone to buying the odd gadget! When I saw what the Syrp Genie could do I had to order one. This is a fantastic motion control timelapse device from New Zealand. Combined with either a Slider or tripod you can create amazing timelapses which either pan or track. It can also be used to shoot video as well. Check out to see what this device is capable of.

I now also have the Syrp Magic Carpet slider set designed to compliment the Syrp Genie. The Magic Carpet kit comes with 800mm and 1600mm tracks and is lightweight and silky smooth. Great as a manual slider or motorised when used with the Syrp Genie. check it out here

I have just recently added the Syrp Genie mini and product turntable to my kit which opens up all sorts of possibilties for filmimg products.