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Need lighting for your shoot? I can provide all the following lighting and have access to larger HMi lights should they be needed. As a lighting cameraman I can light anything from a large studio to an intimate interview situation. You can see examples on my showreel at Feel free to contact me about your lighting requirements. I am in the process of replacing much of my tungsten kit with LED lighting alternatives in order to make my shooting greener! A lot of my lights are now battery powered which can make for a quicker set up.

I can tailor a lighting kit to suit your shoot, whether it be a simple interview or larger set up like a green screen or studio shoot. I also carry loads of flags, nets, reflectors, blackout materials and various gels and diffusion on my van so can cope with any situation that comes my way. I really enjoy lighting and have been lucky to spend time over the years with various masters of the art which has been helpful in developing my own skills.

Aputure 300D LED light an extremely powerful daylight balanced, dimmable LED light. The light has an extremely high CRI value and silent fans so won’t annoy the sound recordist on the shoot! I have various accessories for both this and the 120D including, various octodome softboxes from 60-150cm, Chinese ball lanterns, fresnal lens attachements and space light softboxes.

Aputure 120D LED light The 120D is similar in design to the bigger 300D, but with a smaller footprint and output, great for lighting in confined spaces or to be used along with the 300D.

Aputure LS Mini 20 LED light kit This is a 3 headed, (two daylight and 1 bicolour), LED lighting kit. This kit is always on my van as it is so versatile for filming in cars to using as an eyelight or filming in confined spaces. They can be powered by mains, Sony NPF battery or even USB powerbanks. They have the same excellent CRI as my other Aputure lights.

SWIT -2610 One of the new generation of LED panels that are a lightweight bi-colour mat, that can be rolled up. Comes with varuios diffusers, eggcrates and chinese ball lantern.

Dedolight Panaura 5 softbox a beautiful 1000w tungsten soft light fantastic for interviews

Felioni Bi-Colour LED panels

Lupolux 1200 HMI (500w) great lightweight punchy HMI

Lupolux 800 HMI (250w) a smaller version of the 1200

Arri 650w x 2

Arri 300w x 2

5 x 150w Dedo kit c/w gobo projector containing 5 heads and the DP eyeset

Divalight 400

Lastolite pop up green screen

Various chimeras, large and small reflectors, trace frames, Westcott Fastflags, Matthews Roadrags, blackout curtains, paper backgrounds and backround support

Litewave led lights – small powerful light sources, great for filming in cars

Alladin eyelight small led rechargeable eyelight.

Rotolight Neo led ring light. Also useful for creating effects such as fire, tv flicker and blue lights