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Need extra camera gear for your production, whether it be a large monitor, a jib or slider look no further!

1 x SWIT s-1222F 21.5 inch LED backlit monitor, great as a client monitor on commercial shoots.

2 x Marshall 7 inch LCD monitors, 1 is wireless the other hard wired, really useful on 2 camera shoots for matching purposes so the director can monitor both cameras at once.

1 x TV Logic 7 inch LCD monitor.

1 x Blackmagic Video Assist 4K 7 inch monitor and recorder can be used to record 4K UHD ProRes or proxies

1 x Blackmagic Video Assist 5 inch monitor and recorder useful for getting full HD ProRes and proxies

With grip I carry all the usual kit you would expect from a cameraman, with other items like small jibs, motorised slider, table top dolly and the RedRockMicro One Man Crew that can really add value to your production

TripodsSachtler Video 18 SB, Cartoni Focus HD head with Miller Solo legs, Manfrotto 504 HD, Manfrotto 502 HD, Miller 455 Baby Legs

Ronford Baker Hi Hat

IDS Slider Plus a heavy duty slider with 6ft if track. Great for fully rigged cameras such as the Sony F5 or FS7

Hillrigs Kombi Dolly and Kliktrak – 3.2m of silky smooth track with a dolly that can either take a tripod or you can attach a camera low down for great tracking shots.

Kessler Pocket Jib a well engineered jib that is extremely stable and easily transportable and will happily take fully loaded cameras

ABC DSLR Light Jib quick to set up and weighs less than 4Kg great for the C300 or a 5D

Glidetrack Carbon Crane Mini Jib weighs less than 2Kg and will take the Sony A7SII or Canon 5D MKIII, really quick to set up

Syrp Magic Carpet Slider Combo Kit , silky smooth slider 800mm and 1600mm lengths, designed to work on its own or with the Syrp Genie

Konova K7 1.2m slider which can also be motorised

Glidetrack HD Motorised Hybrid Slider 1 metre long great for accurate tracks.

Digital Juice Orbit Junior table top dolly

Syrp Turntable – This works in conjunction with the Genie mini.

3rd Person View great to use with either GoPros or DSLRs for really unusual shots