dji ronin/ronin m/dji osmo Toggle

The DJI Ronin is a brand new 3 axis stabilised handheld gimbal system.

As soon as the camera is on the Ronin, the system can be ready to shoot in as little as 5 minutes. This can save a lot of time on a shoot and with help of the iPad/iPhone app minute adjustments to how the Ronin is setup are effortlessly easy to make.

The Ronin can be used in three different modes, Upright, Underslung and Briefcase making it easy to change configurations for different styles of shooting. It is a really great piece of kit to have on your shoot.

Because I have added the Cinemilled extension arms to my Ronin I can now many different cameras on the rig including the Sony FS7 , Sony F5, Canon c300, Blackmagic 4K, Red and Canon 5D MKII.

You can get more information from DJI’s website

I can now also offer the lightweight Ronin M which is great when paired with a A7s2 or 5D MKIII. Very quick to set up and easy to use. Along with the Ronin Grip and feet this set up can be easily put down.

I now also have a DJI Osmo which is a fantastic handheld 3 axis gimbal with the same 4K camera as the DJI Inspire 1 drone. It can be controlled and monitored using your smartphone and is really quick to set up and useful when there’s no time to set up the Ronin. I have all the accessories for it including the car and bike mounts. I also have the z -axis now that makes for much smoother walking shots.